Discussion by Theme: State and Society

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Course Syllabus

In Spring 2016, one of the editors used the volume for a ten-session seminar at the United Nations University. This post provides the syllabus… Read more


Peace, Justice, and SDG 16: Hope over Experience

Peace, justice and strong institutions. Sustainable Development Goal 16 seeks to provide these to all people by 2030. Yet is this goal relevant? How… Read more


New tools to fight gender-based violence

Gender-based violence, more specifically, violence against women and girls, is not new, and neither is the fight to reduce it or stamp it out…. Read more


Editorial: Growth and equity: which comes first?

Economic growth drives the idea of international development. Alongside, runs a constant tension: should international work focus on growth or social equity? Theories of… Read more


Why doors feature as a Development Ideas theme

Doors reflect shared ideas and diverse experience. This an apt analogy for thinking about international development, and one conclusion from our book, International Development:… Read more