Discussion by Theme: Environment and Health


Environment & Health: Linking development to the natural sciences

While economics and social science dominate in thinking about international development, the subjects of environment and health are more rooted in the natural sciences…. Read more

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Course Syllabus

In Spring 2016, one of the editors used the volume for a ten-session seminar at the United Nations University. This post provides the syllabus… Read more


Infographics developed for the Development Ideas website

To visually illustrate some of the tables and graphs in the book, Development Ideas produced a series of infographics. We thought we would collect… Read more


Can Extractive Industries Promote Development?

I spent the last couple of days at a fascinating workshop at UNU-WIDER on the role of extractive industries in development. Tony Addison, UNU-WIDER… Read more

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Resilience in Agriculture

VIDEO: Rajul Pandya-Lorch explains food security means today. Recorded at authors’ workshop in Ottawa in October 2011. (English only) Our understanding of agriculture and its links… Read more