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Wanted: a sense of history

So, Development Ideas has reached the end of its interactive life. This website remains a resource for using our volume for teaching purposes, providing… Read more


Innovation for Development: Understand incentives & outcomes

Thinking about innovation and technology have evolved within international development. The developing world tends to be characterized by their absence, while the success of… Read more


Environment & Health: Linking development to the natural sciences

While economics and social science dominate in thinking about international development, the subjects of environment and health are more rooted in the natural sciences…. Read more


Hidden Hand of Amartya Sen

Some things become clearer with time. In the three years since the publication of “International Development: Ideas, Experience and Prospects” I have come to… Read more


Research for the developing world

Research for the developing world is the application of science to the challenges facing poor people and places. In the 20th century, such research… Read more


Towards the new Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Summit is approaching fast. Much attention will focus on a set Sustainable Development Goals to replace the soon-to-expire Millennium Development… Read more


Editorial: Growth and equity: which comes first?

Economic growth drives the idea of international development. Alongside, runs a constant tension: should international work focus on growth or social equity? Theories of… Read more


Dead Sea, Lively Debate

The debate on inequality ran through discussions in the corridors and on stage at the International Economics Association congress held in Jordan 6-9 June… Read more

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