VIDEO: Is donor AIDS money strengthening health systems?
Nandini Oommann, Director of the HIV/AIDS Monitor for the Center for Global Development, outlines her research on the effectiveness of billions of dollars in aid targetted towards HIV/AIDS. ©2008 Center for Global Development.

— Abstract

The targeting of diseases remains an important development concept, especially for new and emerging health challenges. However, for long-term results, disease targeting should be applied taking into account the dramatic rise of global health approach as a core component of global development and health financing. The rise of the global approach rests on evidence demonstrating that poor health status is both a cause and an effect of poverty, and that great health gains can be achieved with relatively low-cost interventions. This chapter looks at the history and practice of disease targeting tracing notable examples such as: smallpox, polio, and HIV/AIDS in order to draw out the lessons and find the nexus between global health and disease targeting. Targeted approaches require strong and functioning health systems to “walk that last mile” toward lasting impact.

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