VIDEO: Ideas@IDRC: Jorge Heine
Dr. Heine talks about the key messages of his co-authored chapter on consultative forums. Produced during the Development Ideas authors’ workshop, Ottawa 2011. ©IDRC/CRDI. (French transcript)

— Abstract

The global aid architecture is undergoing significant changes. These changes are the results of shifts in the world economy, which give rise to contestation over ideas, norms, rules, best practices, and lessons learned about development cooperation between the traditional donors and the BRICS rising states (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). There is a misalignment of representation in the main consultative forums that leads to imbalance of power in the global order with consequences. Three aspects need attention: the modification of existing consultative platforms; the creation of new consultative forums; and the paralysis and decay of the established multilateral consultative forums. This messy multilateralism means a more negotiated order, where the respective consultative forums will continue to struggle for influence, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, and where the efficient delivery of global public goods will be impaired by overlapping mandates and systemic gaps.

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