VIDEO: The future of Development Thought @ IEA 2014—Public Finance
Dr. Arindam Das Gupta elaborates on his ideas presented in the chapter, at the International Economics Conference, Jordan. [English, 7:29 minutes] (Creative Commons attribution).

— Abstract

Public finance is not just about money. It includes all aspects of public sector finances, the structure of the public sector and fiscal institutions whose work guided by government activity objectives and rationale. Earlier thinking considered progressive income taxes a “good” tax system for developing countries. More recently, the thinking emphasized securing revenues at lower rates from broader bases (consumption and income taxes). Increased globalization challenges national tax bases and make it even more important to improve local fiscal expertise and institutions in developing countries. The public finance system of any country is both path-dependent and context-specific, reflecting the outcome of complex social and political interactions between different groups in a specific institutional context established by history and state administrative capacity.

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