VIDEO: The Role of ECOWAS in achieving the economic integration of West Africa
Dr. Mohamed Chambas, first President of the ECOWAS Commission, presents a brief history of ECOWAS and his perspective of current regional situations and challenges that are being (or should be) addressed. ©2013 Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. (English)

— Abstract

Raúl Prebisch and Adebayo Adedeji are regarded as intellectual fathers of regional integration in Latin America and Africa. Both challenged conventional wisdom, championed the idea of homegrown development, and demonstrated a keen understanding of what regional governments would support. Their role, vision, and impact are placed within a historical context, to illustrate how individuals promote the implementation of ideas through institutions. Both Prebisch and Adedeji were public intellectuals who appealed directly to audiences from universities and the private sector. Yet they were ultimately tragic prophets whose visions for regional integration went largely unfulfilled. Their respective leaderships of the United Nations’ Economic Commissions for Latin America (ECLA) and for Africa (ECA) turned these institutions into intellectual think tanks in their respective continents.

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