Infographic: Human Awareness about Poverty
Occurrences of the word “poverty” in books, reports and other publications. Based on a word-search of over 5 million items published between 1700 and 2008. (Data source: Google Books Ngram Viewer). (French version)

— Abstract

The concept of poverty is central to contemporary meanings invested in “development.” Within development thought, the concept of poverty has fluctuated as it is reflected in development policy and action toward, or away from, direct goals of poverty reduction or eradication. From today’s perspective this might look natural, but, like all analytical and narrative positions, the relationship between poverty and development is socially constructed. Indeed, poverty has not always been at the heart of development thinking. It has been contested in its meaning, geographical location, causes, and ways to eradicate it. Presently, the question is whether poverty can be conceptualized by merging structuralist and liberal perspectives, or whether one side will find a way to regain a dominant position in development thought.

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