VIDEO: Ideas@IDRC: Mats Berdal
Dr. Berdal identifies a key challenge in applying development 'templates' to countries transformed by war. Produced during the Development Ideas authors’ workshop 2012. ©IDRC/CRDI. (French version)

— Abstract

The attempt to explore, through philosophical reflection or academic inquiry, the relationship between war and development has a long history. It is only with the end of the Cold War, however, that “peacebuilding” came to be identified as a distinctive concept referring to activities by external actors aimed at establishing foundations for lasting peace and development. The rise of peacebuilding created a major role for development actors and it was inscribed in a geo-political and normative background allowing the operationalization of the concept of “post-conflict peacebuilding”. War-torn societies posed challenges for development actors wedded to “traditional,” as they often used technocratic and self-consciously apolitical modes of engagement. Nonetheless, there is a growing importance attached to local context and local realities in discussions of peacebuilding and development.

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