VIDEO: Ideas@IDRC: Ben White
Ben White outlines his research with a key question: what should good land reform be able respond to? Produced during the Development Ideas authors’ workshop, Ottawa 2011. ©IDRC/CRDI. (French transcript)

— Abstract

Access to land is crucial to poor people’s livelihoods. Policies around access to land and land reforms have gained, lost, and regained prominence in development debates since the Second World War. The land reform and agrarian reforms during the Cold War period were defined around concepts of ownership and use rights. Their implementation was aimed at enhancing farmer sector productivity and economic contribution. Following the Cold War, the debates were between advocates of state-led redistributive land reforms and market-led reforms. The more contemporary issues and debates focus on gender and generational issues in land policy, as well as the ongoing “rush” involving large corporate land deals. A redistributive land reform for the twenty-first century requires strong links to broader visions of development, and new ideas of food and land sovereignty.

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