VIDEO: Ideas@IDRC: Marcelo Pessoa de Matos
Marcelo Pessoa de Matos argues that policymakers can learn from innovative social groups on how to explore innovation combined with industrial policy to promote social outcomes.  Produced during the Development Ideas authors’ workshop 2012. ©IDRC/CRDI. (French version).

— Abstract

The nexus between development and innovation system approach represent a powerful instrument for understanding and orienting policies to promote learning, innovation and competence building. Innovation, knowledge, and systemic learning are central elements of development. Learning and innovation are not restricted to a group of “advanced” actors, activities, and regions/countries. Rather these are processes that strengthen economic (and sociocultural) activity, ignite productive inclusion and improve essential public goods and services across societies. Past experiences underline the importance of understanding the unique characteristics and development trajectories of each region/country; and the need to consider territories and contexts to avoid dissociating economic from social development, both in research and in policy programs.

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