Video: Approaches Towards Inequality and Inequity
Dr. Frances Stewart outlines thinking on horizontal and vertical inequality in the context of UNICEF’s work. ©2013 UNICEF (English only)

— Abstract

Inequality is one of the most important issues in development. Inequality could be defined in different “spaces” including: income, assets, capabilities, happiness, or opportunities; and according to direction: vertical (individual) and horizontal (group). Most philosophical perspectives agree that inequality–be it among individuals, groups, or nations– is unjust and deleterious to well being, social stability, economic growth and prosperity. Despite its negative effects, inequality, broadly, seems to be increasing in many countries, and policies aimed at reducing it tend to be weak. Analysis of in-country policies aimed at reducing inequality show the need for stronger political support in order to achieve desired goals. The conclusions around inter-country income inequality, income inequality among global citizens, and inequality among groups are more ambiguous.

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