INFOGRAPHIC: The Indian Economy, 1900-2010
The growth of the Indian economy over the past 60 years show dramatic social shifts in life expectancy, infant mortality, literacy rate, human employment from agricultural to industrial sectors. (Data source: RBI, Handbook of Statistics on Indian Economy; Census of India; Planning Commission; Economic Survey). (French version)

— Abstract

The economic growth and structural changes in India since independence have been transformative. However, three questions about Indian economic development puzzle thinkers: 1) Why, despite a persistent policy and intellectual concern with poverty, has India’s record on this score been modest, especially with regard to human capital indicators? 2) Why has India managed reasonably sound macroeconomic policies, in sharp contrast to its microeconomic inefficiencies? And, 3) What explains India’s modest growth in the early decades after independence, under good governance, but much more rapid rates of growth in recent decades even as corruption has mushroomed? Answering these questions requires a careful analysis of the key drivers and critical junctures that led to changes in economic policies and their consequences for growth and distribution. The Indian State’s foremost challenge is strengthening public institutions and governance.

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