VIDEO: Migrant Entrepreneurs
Wim Naudé talks about the relationship between migration and entrepreneurship, in the wake of the financial crisis, including return migrants and transnational entrepreneurs. Workshop held in Maastricht on 30-31 May 2013. ©UNU-MERIT (CC-BY). (English)

— Abstract

In the past, development scholars and economists neglected entrepreneurship. Increasingly, there is the recognition that “entrepreneurship is no longer a problem,” or a “relevant constraint on the pace of development” in poorer countries. Why does this matter? First, it is widely believed that entrepreneurship is beneficial for economic growth and development. Second, entrepreneurship has been remarkably resurgent over the past three decades in countries that have achieved substantial poverty reduction, such as China. Third, donors and international development agencies have turned to entrepreneurship to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of aid. The thinking on the intersection of development studies and entrepreneurship incorporates fresh insights for policy emerging from recent advances in this area.

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