VIDEO: Interview with Huguette Labelle of Transparency International
Dr. Labelle explains the complexities of corruption in relation to development. Interview at the "Fighting Against Corruption" International Seminar hosted by the Red por la Rendicíon de Cuentas (RRC) in Mexico, September 2013. ©Red por la Rendicíon de Cuentas (English only)

— Abstract

Notions of corruption and its impact on development have evolved significantly over the last two decades. Corruption has been recognized as a root cause of many of the problems faced by developing countries: the failure of growth strategies, ineffective institutions, barriers to public services, and the lack of respect for human rights. Because of its illicit nature, this damage is difficult to measure the direct cost expressed in the suffering of the poor and the capture of government policy by special interests. Corruption weakens institutions and reduces the capacity of all governments and international organizations to tackle challenges like poverty, conflict, economic crisis, and climate change. Transparency advocates lead efforts to stamp out corruption and promote good governance.

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