VIDEO: Brazil's Economic Success: Lessons for Africa
An interview with Armando Barrientos and Ed Amann on their project at the Brooks World Poverty Institute on the relevance of the Brazilian development model for Africa. ©2014 UNU-WIDER.

— Abstract

Brazil offers an interesting case study of economic growth that combines both textbook and unorthodox policies. The analysis covers eighty years of Brazilian history divided into three periods: the first starts in 1930 with Getúlio Vargas, the second in 1964 with the military coup, and the third in 1985 with the return to civilian rule. The administrations of Collor–Itamar and the Cardoso–Lula represent substantial shifts in government priorities. What emerges from this historical analysis is not so much a narrative of development, but a succession of measures intended to solve specific short-term problems, such as: increasing exports, improving the balance of trade, controlling public debt, fighting inflation, enhancing industrial productivity, and reducing poverty and inequality. More than a model of development, the Brazilian experience highlights the importance of government policy, and of the divides between different social classes and regions.

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