VIDEO: Sustainable Food Security in an Era of Climate Change.
Professor M.S. Swaminathan, father of India's Green Revolution, describes his strategy for reducing hunger around the world; relying on knowledge, not chemicals or money. He argues that it also calls for political will, professional skills, and people's participation. ©2010 IDRC/CRDI. (French version)

— Abstract

The discourse on the nexus of agriculture and food security has evolved greatly over the past century. Early thinking focused solely on ways to increase production of staple foods to meet the needs of a growing population. Modern discourse sees agriculture as a way to meet all facets of food security, such as availability of and access to food; nutritious diets among individuals and households; and the health of producers, consumers, and the environment. Moreover, agriculture has a role in national economic growth and the livelihoods of rural populations.

As evidenced by case studies in Asia and Africa, however, it is often challenging to put into practice this more holistic view of agriculture and food security. Recent food price crises have put agriculture and food security back on the global agenda, giving the sector a chance to reinvent itself.

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